Pigeon Control & Removal

Removal & Control of pigeons

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Bird Netting Installation

Installation of bird netting to prevent bird roosting and nesting

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Hazing & Harassment

Many project turn out well with just using birds of prey as a natural deterrent.

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Avian Strike Force

We specialize in providing pigeon removal service using a variety of methods from bird spikes to mist netting. We also offer the services of a Master Falconer, which offers a environmentally friendly bird control and natural bird control alternative to problems as small as your back yard and as big as the airport.

Wildlife Command Center’s Mission is to deliver the finest quality wildlife removal and pest control service that is safe for the environment. We protect people from the hazards of nuisance wildlife in their homes or business. Our goal is to solve your problems while ensuring animals are treated in a humane and ethical way when removed. Every employee at Wildlife Command Center is driven to earn the confidence of the people we serve, by offering solutions to their evolving needs, always challenging ourselves to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Catch problem birds
Hawks will catch problem birds

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