Commercial Bird Removal Dallas

Dallas bird controlMany Dallas businesses experience a need for bird removal. Stores may have birds using the signs as nesting sites. Some may even have birds entering the store and eating product. Even non retail businesses can have issues with birds nesting in the sign or landscaping.

Avian Strike Force understands birds and knows how to remove them. Our team has the tools and the training to safely remove the birds from your business. Let us help you to protect you business, your staff, and your customers. We can help throughout Dallas County as well as anywhere we are needed in Texas 469-974-5590.

Commercial Bird Damage Dallas

Birds using your Dallas commercial building as their home can cause a lot of damage. They can even result in slip and fall issues because of droppings. Dropping can also damage building due to its corrosive nature.

Woodpeckers can damage any wood used in your building or signs. Some birds, like the Canada Goose, can be aggressive and harass employees. Birds can carry disease, mites, and fleas. In some cases birds can damage the landscaping and turf on your property. The continued cost of cleaning and repairing can add up. Removal and control measures are a more cost effective way to manage the bird issue.

Bird Deterrents Dallas

bird deterrents Dallas TXThe use of tested bird deterrents will help a Dallas business keep birds from returning. Call us for an inspection and let us help determine the best way to keep birds from nesting in or on your building.

Bird removal and pigeon control are services that we provide through installing bird spikes, bird netting and bird exclusion. Pigeon trapping using traps and mist netting, a fine net used to capture smaller birds, is also available. We also offers the services of a Master Falconer, a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to bird control.

Pigeon Control Dallas

There is a strong need for pigeon control in Dallas. To a pigeon the “city life” can’t be beat! There is plenty of food and water, free housing everywhere you fly and best of all little to no predators. With nothing to keep pigeon populations in check they will become a nuisance.

Pigeon droppings are not just unsightly, it can damage the finish on buildings, cars and outdoor furnishings. These droppings also contain dangerous fungi and bacteria including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis and strains of encephalitis, potentially causing harm to humans or pets that may accidentally ingest droppings. Pigeons can become an expensive problem for businesses if droppings have contaminated stored goods.