Bird removal in St Louis Missouri

Falconry Based Bird Removal & Eradication

Pest and Nuisance birds are a very real and dangerous problem. Avian Strike Force was born to resolve that problem. Bird removal and eradication, pest avian control can be accomplished with a multiple prong approach. Falconry based bird control, trapping, shooting, hazing, harassing and deterrents are all techniques utilized by Avian Strike Force.

Avian Strike Force beginnings

2003 Michael E Beran the founding principle began his Falconry career, then, in 2009 he started the nuisance wildlife control company know today as Wildlife Command Center. Birds of prey have a special and unique quality about them, one of power and majesty, most pest birds are naturally irrationally afraid of raptors. Avian Strike Force utilizes this instinctual fear to remove the pest birds permanently.

The Avian Strike Force Team

Made up of the top nuisance avian pest Falconers, the Avian Strike Force is an elite team of Avian Behavioral Experts, able to resolve very complex and difficult avian problems.

Michael E Beran

Founder & Master Falconer


Michael became a falconer in 2003 and has since obtained the level of Master Falconer. In 2009 he started a nuisance wildlife control company that is now known as Wildlife Command Center  Michael has been working birds of prey into the company’s business plan and such was birth the Avian Strike Force

Nick O’Connor

General Falconer and Wildlife Technician 


Chance M Beran

Wildlife Control Expert & Apprentice Falconer


Chance runs and operates the Wildlife Command Center of Kansas City, Missouri as well as the Avian Strike Force division there. He is a natural leader and has always been involved with wildlife and animals. Chance started his Falconry Apprenticeship in 2016 and has been instrumental in operations and successful Pest Avian populations reductions in the Kansas City area.

Chris A Starr

Certified Wildlife Operator & Master Falconer


Bonnie M Beran

Counselor & Owner


Bonnie is a Counselor and Sign Language Interpreter for the deaf. She is married to Michael E Beran and pretty much helps keep him on track!

Tyler Sladen

General Falconer and Wildlife Technician 


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