Pigeons roosting in ceilings
Pest birds in Food and Beverage facilities.
Wildlife Command Center
Wildlife Command Center pest bird removal services
Catch problem birds
Hawks will catch problem birds
Natural Bird Deterents
Using Harris Hawks to haze and harass birds
Bird Netting Installation
Installing bird netting to prevent swallows from nesting
Harris Hawk catching pigeon
Harris Hawk enabled pigeon control
Wildlife control technician and General Class Falconer
General Falconer and wildlife control technician
General Class Falconer
Tyler Sladen General Class Falconer
Wildlife Control Falconer
Chris A Starr Master Falconer and Wildlife Control Expert
Avian Strike Force Princess
Owner and Co-founder of Wildlife Command Center
Apprentice Falconer and Partner
Chance M Beran, Partner and Apprentice Falconer
Michael and Ryuka
Harris Hawk with Michael E Beran
St Louis Pest Bird Removal
Bird removal in St Louis Missouri
Avian Strike Force is operated by Wildlife Command Center and Pest Command Center
Avian Strike Force uses Falconry Based Pigeon Removal
Experts in permanent pigeon extermination
Avian Strike Force division of Wildlife Command Center
Avian Strike Force division of Wildlife Command Center